Inkscape svg dimensions problem

Hello all,

A little problem. When import svg from inkscape to lightburn, every dimesions are bigger. For example in inkscape object has 35 mm but in lightburn 47mm.

First off, it looks like you’ve got your entire project rotated clockwise by a couple degrees. That’ll throw your measurement off. Maybe get your stuff straight first. Also, are you tracing that? Maybe from something you scanned or took a picture of? Your best bet really is to remake those, or find the actual dxf / source file, and not a scanned picture.

Yeah, exactly the source is from scanned paper plans traced in inkscape. So thanks for suggest, try remake, but will be hard for me because paper is the only source.

Make sure when creating the image in InkScape you give it actual real measurement, like mm or inches, not pixels, because those can be interpreted differently depending on display settings and software.

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This is it! So simple, so difficult :slight_smile: Thank you for help.

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