Inkscape tiled clone development?

I’m aware that using the create tiled clones feature in Inkscape results in partial objects being imported to Lightburn. Mostly, the original clone source is imported, the clones simply vanish.

Today’s project, begun in Inkscape involved cloning in the vertical direction. The original was then rotated ninety degrees clockwise (analog clock) but then rotated one hundred eighty degrees. I can’t recall if the second rotation was clockwise or counter-clockwise, but it might matter.

The newly rotated object was then cloned horizontally, the file saved and then imported to LB.

The development is that the second set of clones imported completely, while the first set contained only the original.

dropbox download of svg file

I wasn’t able to obfuscate the file in order to upload it directly and svg files aren’t on the safe file type list for the forum.

Would this behavior mean that I can spin around the original object, then clone it and get an output that works in LB?

Looking at the SVG file, these are InkScape specific extensions, not the standard instancing model supported by SVG itself.

It looks like the rotated versions have a reference to the tile source, AND have the actual path as well, which is why they show up. The non-rotated ones just have the tile source reference, with no path.

I’ll have to look into how easy it will be to support this.

That’s encouraging to learn. If I simply rotate a clone original, then clone it, I can rotate the clones as needed back to original orientation. Perhaps that’s a work-around until an LB solution is discovered.

What happens if you rotate 360 degrees? Does that “fix” the problem but leave things in correct orientation?

Your question, Hank, spurred me to perform a test resembling the original file. I’m no longer able to get the clones to appear in LB. Performing similar edits (object to path, delete a node and a line, rotate and clone) creates the clones, but when imported, only the original appears. I’m hoping the great and powerful Oz has a better handle on it.

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