Inkscape to SVG imported in Lightburn is off by a smidge

I am trialing Lightburn at the moment, but I am pulling my hair out importing my Inkscape SVG files. See below screenshot, I do a rectangle that is 30 x 3 mm

However when I import into Lightburn it is off by a bit. 29.9796 x 2.9796
(I tried to post screenshot but I cant it seems…

I really want it so that what I draw is what gets imported. what am I missing? Using inkscape 0.92.3 and latest lightburn.

It is because of the line width in Inkscape. LightBurn is using the center of the line in the SVG (In lightBurn, lines do not have a width) Try making the line as narrow as you can in Inkscape

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2nd screenshot in lightburn

I’ll second G_O_M’s suggestion. I’ve noticed you’ll get different dimensions in Inkscape when using different line widths. I’ve taken to using 0.001 mm for the line widths, which are too thin to see, but using View, Display Mode, Outline, provides a visible line with a nearly zero line width. They translate to LB perfectly. One cannot use the dimensions in Inkscape with full certainty due to that aspect of the program.

Even if I create a rectangle of 20 mm x 20 mm, it will display dimensions of 20.001 on the tool bar.

Use fill without stroke, and there will be no stroke width for it to include, or use a very narrow stroke width, as suggested.

Hmm ok, i took the extreme to make it visible on screen, but i usuallyl use .02mm with no fill and still get a variance.
Tried the .001 suggestion and it gets to a gnats leg difference which is better.
Thanks the tips.

Just tested, create shapes to desired size using fill and no stroke in InkScape, saved as SVG, produces exact same size shapes when opened in LightBurn.

inkscape can mesure the objects using the “visual” or “geometrical” bounding box. (menu edit / preferences / tools)

the first option adds the stroke width, so the size changes if you change the stroke (but not the nodes).

the second take only in account the nodes, and ignores the stroke width.

as LB as no “width” on the stroke, to get accurate result the best way is to setup inkscape to use the geometrical bounding box.


Thanks for this, Sebastien - I didn’t know this was an option.