Inlaid Wood Test Piece

This was a test piece for something a bit larger. The light coloured wood was engraved to a depth of around 2mm. The dark coloured wood the same but the image reversed and a box put around the name so that the surrounding wood was engraved away. The two pieces were then glued and clamped together. Once the glue had set the dark wood was planed away.

fine work :+1:

Nice! Have you tried the same type of thing using solid wood for the base and a veneer for the inlay? That is on my todo list for the future.



Not yet, I’ll have to find some veneer to give it a try.

Is the dark wood Black Palm? Interesting grain, but I wouldn’t think Palm would inlay well since it’s so fibrous.

I do the veneer inlay trick all the time, with dyed wood and natural veneers. Always turns out well.

No, not palm, not too sure probably Mahogany or similar. Found an eight foot by 12" x 1" piece in a srore we were clearing out.

Look at for veneer wood.

Thanks, I doubt if they deliver to me. I’ll find somewhere closer to home.

Oh yes- now that I see where you are located, yes- probably no deliveries there. Somewhere in UK or Europe?