Insert Node at Midpoint

Thanks for letting us know. The updated page should be live within the next few minutes.


Thanks for the speedy Jackie. :slight_smile:

Sorry to stir up a hornets nest.
Is it supposed to be a “tilde”.
I understand it now but clarity of the CSS box info screwed me up.

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My installation on a US English Windows machine, Control+tilde (ctrl + ~) activates node edit. Once active, the in-tool hotkeys (I, D, M, T, S, C, etc) don’t use the control key; just the letter.

I have done some hotkey remapping, so it’s possible my combo to activate Node Edit is different from standard.

That’s it, I select the object, then CTRL + Tilde puts me into edit nodes! Like it.
I was using the single quote instead of the tilde was the problem.

Good catch - It should actually be a backtick (`), not a tilde. I’ll get that correction out in the next update. Thanks for that!

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Backtic is tough, just looks like a spot of dirt on my screen…:slight_smile: