Inserting photo into another photo

We have a project asking us to insert a picture of a child that has passed into a picture with her mom and fiance for a wedding pic. So we are trying to get nthe two pics together and do not have photo editing software…just using lightburn. The problem is that after the masking and combinibg and flattening the images…it still burns one image and then the other image…so is there a simple way to combine the photos in lightburn for one image burn?

Thank you for posting. Without seeing how you have the Image layer set to produce, I can offer my best guess…

In the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ for the image layer, look to the lower-left to see if you have set to ‘Fill all shapes at once’, to produce these in a single go as described. :slight_smile:

Thank you i will try that and let you know.

Ok…it did work…but i really need to do it in greyscale. The option for printing as as one shape is not available for that print option. Any suggestions?

This is not an available option for Grayscale at this time.

If willing, share a bit more information about your reasoning for the use of Grayscale for this image production. I see you are working with a co2 laser running Ruida as the controller, is that still true?

With a CO2 laser, this is variable depth (3D), not shading and is difficult to produce as desired. With a diode or RF tube, this can give great shading, but is harder to use than dithering. Additionally, sharing example images and telling us what material you plan for final production of this project, we may find another dithering that will work as you’d like. :slight_smile:

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