Inside/outside and layers

When using kerf calculation it looks like, from my tests, it determines if something is an inside or outside shape based on if it is contained in another shape on the same layer only.

Is there a way to change this to function across multiple layers?

For example, if I want to have a white plexiglass shape with some black plexiglass shapes inlayed in it I would cut both the black layer and the white layer out at the same time with the white plexiglass in the cutter. In that case the inner shapes should be ‘shrunk’ by the outwards kerf.

But when I cut just the black layer shapes out of the black acrylic, they should grow by the outwards kerf because they are not enclosed by anything else.

There isn’t a way to make the system use “all layers” vs just the current layer. You can use a negative number to flip the kerf direction though.

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