Instagram Bundle of laser projects software

Has anyone purchased one of these 1000 laser file packages that I keep getting ads for? Do they work?

I am always weary of those but if they work they will probably be an SVG / image files not Lightburn files. Therefore, they will need some work.

There are some specialized Etsy vendors, though that have already readymade LBRN files.

Yours milage might for sure vary, just be careful overall

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Not that specific “product”, but my partner has downloaded a number of files from various sources and quality / suitability is seldom what I consider acceptable. Many seem to be low resolution screen capture “exports” from (I’m guessing) Cricut design software, which doesn’t (from what I understand) allow actual vector export.

She (my partner) has a Cricut and has tried many times to send me “vector” files she’s designed in the Cricut software and they’re always junk. I have to rebuild every one from scratch.

As Gil said, YMMV, but dirt cheap stuff is dirt cheap for a reason.

Cricut Design Space is junk really. Think X Tool a few years ago. I don’t think it exports svg correctly. Any true svg should work 100%, but they never do export correctly. A screen shot will not ever work correctly.

Some of these guys on here are real experts and can probably even tell you how to create your own. Any time you use Lightburn trace, it converts to an svg, and Lightburn recognizes svg. The issue becomes LB doesn’t always convert perfectly from other designed files if not designed in LB. It becomes a pain and not worth the effort imo. Most…I mean 90% of Etsy and similar files are just copies of someone elses design. It’s pretty much a scam.