Install driver DAJA S2 Fiber 20W

Good morning,

I purchased this 20w fiber laser machine and would like to use it with your software.

It is this model Optical fiber marking machine S2 | DAJA Which is also a model similar to this one -s3-20w-fiber-laser-marking-machine-with-maximum-85mm-rotary-fixture-for-all-metals-jewelry-plastics150mm-150mm

According to the manufacturer it is not possible to use it with Lightburn, do you have a solution to offer us?

thanking you in advance.


You are stuck with their software or make a control board change… Might ask them if you can do that… Don’t get your hopes up… but you never know.

If it operates via EZCad2 it might be compatible…

This is a video on drivers… it’s targeted at EZCad2/3 but if there is a chance of getting it to work with Lightburn, this will probably have to be done…

Good luck.


It looks like Jack is right about this.

The Daja devices are SeaCAD controlled.
LightBurn does not currently offer SeaCAD device support.

Despite several hours of trying to make it work with Lightburn, nothing actually works. I imagine that it is therefore incompatible and usable only with the software provided by the manufacturer :frowning:

Thanks for your help anyways

Sounds like @JohnJohn was correct… sorry about that… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


This machine is going to drive me crazy! I stumbled across this Amazon page that says it’s compatible… :face_with_peeking_eye:

The manufacturer told you it is not Lightburn compatible.

I’m afraid you’re are stuck with the supplied Chinese software.


Indeed the manufacturer responds by email that it is not possible to use Lightburn and he sells identical machines compatible with this same software on Amazon. Definitely the Chinese logic is special…

They are NOT identical machines… they look similar…

It’s what’s inside, specifically the controller, not what it looks like… or does.

Cloud Ray sells machines that look identical, even the same manufacturer of the controller… some versions will allow Lightburn control, others will not.

Good luck


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