Install LB on Windows XP

Is there any way to install the program on an xp machine?

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XP is not a supported operating system. It may install but there are no guarantees of functionality.

Windows XP is nearly two decades old at this point, and is not supported. Windows 7 is the minimum supported OS.

If you really need to run it on an old machine (and I don’t really see why, as most discarded machines today could run a newer OS), run Linux.

A couple of months ago I was unable to make it running on XP. .net framework issues. Finally got a Win7 laptop and works fine :wink:

Thank you for your feedback.
In my small home workshop I have a small cnc router and a 5 watt laser engraver. The router is connected to a parallel interface and the software is Mach 2 on a Windows XP computer. The laser is connected to another computer with USB, the software to run the laser is T2L on Windows XP. There is no other software installed, no internet connection and I have never updated Windows once all the necessary software has been installed (with the exception of Teamviewer, for monitoring and remote control from my living room of longer lasting tasks). The advantage is that everything runs very fast and incredibly smoothly. I will admit that it is not a “modern” or smart solution - but it works perfectly for me.
Because I think Lightburn looks very interesting and competent for me, I would like to try the program on my laser. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my Mac laptop to find my laser on the usb port. (I have read the suggestions here in the amazing forum, but without sucess)

Sorry for my long answer

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Have you tried running Ubuntu in live mode with persistence from a USB flash drive to see if Lightburn will run on there?

Sounds like you’re trying to burn a place down doing that with a laser. Have you seen all the burnt out lasers from people who have tried that?

I think I will install Ubuntu on a partition next to Windows, thank you for the input.

You are absolutely right,
… it is very, very rare, that I do so. I also monitor the process with a webcam

After an unsuccessful attempt at a Linux installation (there are only 64bit versions of LB for Linux and I unfortunately saw it too late …), I spent additional hours installing a Windows 7 on the computer. The biggest challenge here was missing dll files and MS framework updates, which can be a challenge on an “old” computer.
In the end, everything works, LB finds my laser and I can now try everything.
I surely come across some questions and will return and also show you my progress.

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