Install Lightburn Bridge software onto existing Pi install?

Is there a way (even if unofficially supported) of installing the Lightburn Bridge on an existing Linux install? (I’m technically competent.)

I already use a Pi 4 running Debian as a controller for my CNC mill, and having recently added a 20 watt laser to it, I’d like to continue using the Pi as a sender/controller (I used CNCjs).

I don’t want to constantly unplug and plug in USB connectors every time I switch between milling and laser (to use a laptop instead of the Pi), and I don’t want to have to shutdown and swap SD cards every time I make the switch, either.

I’ve considered trying to capture my Mac’s serial port and piping it over Ethernet or getting something like ser2sock working, but I stumbled upon mention of LightBurn Bridge, and so it seems like it’s a solved problem! Other than having to install a whole OS.

I’d prefer to install natively, but given that you’re releasing it as a whole image, it actually might be a good (and simple) candidate for release as a Docker image.


It’s likely technically possible but if anyone has explored it I haven’t seen it mentioned here. The Bridge is meant to work like an appliance so you’d have to address those components that manage that.

You may have better luck going in the other direction and adding your current functionality to a Bridge image.

I’m trying to do that, but with a 5" lcd, there is no keyboard and the Lightburn bridge information sits there. I can ssh in, but I don’t know much about how linux works with video…

I’m trying to replace some of my other micro’s with just the Pi, there’s plenty of horse power…