Installation and licensing problem

I have just bought an Emblaser2 laser and I’m trying to install LightBurn on a MAC. I bought a license and when I try to start it my laser is not displayed in the list to choose from.
I also have a licence key supplied bu my laser supplier nd I originally installed it using the key that I got with the software. I have tried to uninstall the LightBurn software and reinstall it but i;m not able to use the key supplied but the laser supplier. How can I fix this?

In LightBurn, go to Help > License Management and click the ‘Deactivate’ button. Then re-run, enter the license key that came with the Emblaser, and activate that. Their license keys are the only ones that include the Emblaser devices.

If you want to use your DSP laser with the Emblaser license, or vice versa, we can do this for you if you email us the key to along with the nature of the request.

I have deleted your post.

DO NOT publish personal information on a public forum. Your license key is private information and should be guarded with care.

Did you try this?

Any other license issues you may have should be managed through our email system to keep your personal information private.