Installation Mac OS Catalina

I’m unable to open the program on MacOS Catalina, didn’t find anything in the forum. Please help!

LightBurn has paid the money and is currently a Verified Windows Developer, but have not gone through this process with Apple for our Mac product. The product is safe to use and is virus scanned prior to download.

Go to ‘Apple Icon’ (upper-left most menu)→’System Preferences’, then click ‘Security & Privacy’. This will display a window that will allow you to override this message and allow you to continue with this installation.

I go through this with every upgrade. It’s not too difficult to resolve by doing what Rick has suggested above.

Becoming a “Certified” Developer is a very expensive process for a small company like LightBurn. We have gone through this for the Windows platform. We will go through a similar process for Mac, but that will be a bit. Until then, the small tips and steps I shared should get you going.

For Apple it’s not horribly expensive, and it’s possible that the signing certificate I have for Windows will work for Apple as well, but finding the information has been a bugger - I am actually a registered developer with Apple, and I thought that was all that was required, but apparently no, that’s just the first in a series of hoops you need to jump through, and support and development needs are prioritized.

My understanding is that this option isn’t there in Catalina. I used to do this on older MacOS Versions, but here I at least can’t find it.


It is still an option, it’s just a little harder:

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