Installed C3D laser board, installed device, shows disconnected

I was able to install the Cohesion 3D Laser Board, and attempted to set it up on Lightburn I went and added device, and it found it (Smoothie) and the COM port but when I look at the device settings afterwards after I load an image, it shows “disconnected” and I cannot home the device or run the device.

When hit the “play” key, the program pops up message
'there was a problem sending data to the laser. The device may be busy or paused."

I know this might be a novice question and I must be missing a step somewhere. How can I make sure that the device is ready, or what do I need to check? Does the switch to activate the water pump need to be on? I have a separate outlet for that, and it is not on the laser.

Thanks in advance.

Right-click on the “Devices” button to cycle the connection.

You might need to manually choose the COM port - sometimes the auto-connect doesn’t work.

Thanks guys. I found the problem. I was using the trial app on a corporate laptop. The security settings on the corp laptop have the USB ports locked down. I used my personal laptop, and it works fine.

Sorry about that!

I was not aware that things could be locked down to quite that level. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Yeah, they have them buttoned down pretty tight - especially in our industry, and I didn’t think about the physical ports. Windows Group Policy can get pretty detailed on what the user can use, see or edit.

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