Installed LightBurn and EzCad shows error "can't load LMC drivers"

Others have already asked this question but the solution doesn’t work for me.

Failed to load LMC Driver after lightburn - LightBurn Hardware Compatibility / Galvo - LightBurn Software Forum

I tried downloading the drivers and installing as shown in a few YouTube videos. In device manager I don’t see other devices or BJJCZZ device. I tried replacing the driver files with downloaded ones but that didn’t help. Could somebody please guide me through how to update a driver.

Have you tried using another USB port ? Open your device manager in windows and plug the USB into another port… Does it show in the device manager or does anything change when you unplug the device?

Do you mean COM port or just another USB port? I tried switching hardware ports… Lightburn is working fine but not ezcad

USB port…

:slight_smile: We have a section of our Galvo documentation that is dedicated to the driver install, restoration and swapping that is worth reviewing, if you haven’t already.:slight_smile:

LightBurn and EZCad used different drivers. If you’ve got the driver for LightBurn loaded, EZCad won’t run and vice versa. As Rick pointed out, there is a section in the docs on swapping drivers so that you can switch back and forth. But, there is no way to have them both able to run at the same time or without swapping drivers.

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