Installing Lightburn without having a laser

I would like to purchase lightburn before I get my laser. Can I install lightburn and play around with it until I get my laser or does it only work if I have the laser

you can create a device manually and use it. the manual device created can accurately match the settings of your laser, or not…

here is info specific to a thunder but the same principles will apply.

Lightburn is free for 1 month. If you don’t like it, then you can opt out. A really good philosophy. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I purchased LB before I got my laser.

We offer two things to help you. First, we provide a 30-day free trial to ensure LightBurn is right for you. Second, please review this (in fact, all documentation is worth review), Adding a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

If you are getting a XTool D1, as identified in your profile, select Grbl as the profile. I would also check the XTool’s website for further information about that gear.

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