Installing Lightburn

We currently use RD Works… We are going to install Lightburn. We need to pick our laser from the list on the installation choices but we have no idea what model we have. It’s a Chinese import 60 watt CO2 that is yellow and black. We can’t find a model number or any indication of such anywhere on the laser!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


And yes… I feel pretty dumb not being able to figure this out! :joy::joy::joy::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

If you can use RDWorks, that indicates a Ruida controller. Using the DSP version or Trial, choose Ruida in the ‘Device Setup’ process.

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Gotcha… Thanks!! Much appreciated! We will give that a try!

You may not have seen this but can be very helpful.

Yes… I did!! I started it and realized they had installed the software… Lol!!!

That’s when we realized we really didn’t know what we had!

Kind of drives me nuts because I’m usually pretty orderly and we don’t know something this basic!

Thank you again!


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The next release of LightBurn will make this simpler - I’ve written a “Find My Laser” tool that will identify and partially configure nearly any device that LightBurn knows how to talk to.


Awesome… When might that be coming out?

Thank you!

Probably another week or so. I have a few things to button up still.

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:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:. Sounds great!

I hope I can ask another question!

After we use our trial version and are ready to download permanently for use, I think it says that we can use it on 2 different computers. Is that correct?

If so, do both computers need to be running the same operating system? i.e. One computer is an Apple MacBook Pro and one is a Microsoft Windows based computer. Will that work under one license?


You are provided 2 seats with your license and it can be used in any combination you desire. Officially, How the LightBurn license works.

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OK… Thank you!!! That sounds great!