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I am installing lightburn on new laptop and got a couple questions.
I am at the point where it found my device and is calling it GRBL, and it shows axis X=650mm & axis Y=500mm, and wants to know the dimensions of my working area is. The mm markings on the frame for X axis is 440, and Y axis is 520. On the Y axis there is a hard stop at 40 with limit switch, and one on the X axis carriage and limit switch.
Manual says working area is 420 x 400. So that is what I put in the software, right? But does that sound like it is stating it as Y =420 and X as 400, since it is longer that wider?

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You’re right to question this. Many times laser makers will list Y dimension before X dimension but this is not consistent. LightBurn wants X by Y. So if the laser is taller than wide, then this would most likely be X=400 and Y=420.

A picture found in Amazon seems to confirm this:

Note that you change the working area later in Edit->Device Settings or by clicking Devices button in Laser window and then editing the existing device profile.

that’s what I was thinking. Thanks

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