Installing software

So, i had to install LB on my other computer because it wouldn´t work with my cam on a 32 bit computer.
I deacivated LB on my computer and wanted to install the software on my other computer (64 bit).
Now i ended up with a trial version on both of my computers, whlist my licence is due to 21fsrt of march 2021.
What to do?
I can’t change the trial version into the v ersion i have paid for.

Did you actually go into License Management and enter your license key into the software when you installed it on the new machine? If not, the software has no way of knowing that it’s registered.

Using your forum email address I find you and your license. Looking a bit deeper, I see no systems allocated on this 2 seat key. You should be able to re-enter your license key on the new installation of LightBurn now.

And as @sutick identifies, you have access to the License Management portal, where you can manage the allocation yourself.

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