Installing the exhaust system on a laser

We have a Gweike LC1390N on its way from China. I want to have the building ready to go when it arrives, and my biggest concern is how to ventilate. It looks like it comes with an exhaust fan and a hose, but it doesn’t say what size the hose is. I’m assuming I’ll need to hire an HVAC contractor to put a hole in the roof and somehow pipe the exhaust out the roof. Thank you for any advice you can give.

It might be better to exhaust through the wall than through the roof. You want to keep the ventilation hose run reasonably short with as a few bends as possible and venting straight up might be a problem in rain, sleet or snow unless you have some sort of cover over the hose outlet. A blast gate that can be closed when the laser is not in use is a good idea. I’d guess that your laser has a 6" or 8" hose (150 or 200 mm) bit check with GWeike to be sure.

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Adding to this, put the fan at the end of the exhaust pipes, so that the pipes are under vacuum and not under pressure. This way any leaks will suck air into the pipe and not blow smoke and fumes into the room.

When I had a Gweike the fan was overpowered for the machine (good!) and the hose was good quality thick flexible PVC rubber, but wasn’t very long. We cut up that hose and used it for connecting 6" metal A/C duct pipes to the machine, and to the fan which was in another room (it was very loud.)

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Thanks of the great information. I’ll try to remember to let you know how it works out.

My boss wants to run the exhaust through the floor and out the crawl space, using the fan to suck the air from the wall of the crawlspace. Do you see any problems with this plan?

That will be a very leaky exhaust “duct”. The suction at the machine is likely to be weak. Run ducting through the crawl space to the exhaust fan.

Thanks for the reply!

Please allow me to clarify. The suction would not be at the machine. The suction would be at the outside wall of the crawlspace.

It sounds like that’s actually what you’re suggesting anyway, if I’m understanding you correctly.

My fan is mounted Outdoors and has a 9 foot rise out of the engrave and a 27 foot run to the fan and works fine.

I will hire a duct cleaning company once a year to clean this duct.

Wow! The photo is really helpful. I’ll show this to my boss. What an incredible community.

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It sounded like your boss wanted to use the crawlspace as the ducting. If that is the case it will not work. If I have misunderstood, carry on.

Oh, yea, my mistake. I said “exhaust” instead of “exhaust duct.”

Of course, just using the whole crawlspace might take care of our cockroach problem :wink:

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