Instation question

I purchased a copy of LIgntburn software. I installed it the program folder in Window 11, Can I delete it and re-install in the desk top folder ?

Can you not copy it and move?

Depends on whether or not the Windows registry is used by Lightburn. I do not think Lightburn is a stand-alone application.

Lightburn is not a stand alone program it is an application. You cant just copy and move an application. Why do you want to do that? I guess you could do that but what is the point. Its always best to install SW where it likes to be installed. Its best not to install software on the desktop because its to easy to accidentally delete the program. If your really set on doing that you cant just delete or move it. You need to unisntall it and then reinstall it. Its still going to install its setting in Username > Application Data > Lightburn and the registry no matter where you decide to install it to. You will need to save copies of your device setup and setting for lightburn and then reinstall them after you do this. I think your opening a can of worms if you try this.

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