Integration with OctoPrint

I have a single RPi4 running 3 individual instances of Octoprint and 3 camera instances. One instance each connected to 2 Prusa MK3s 3D printers and the third connected to my MPCNC Custom Firmware Marlin (PWM Fan Ctl, Misc laser fixes for scanning) using 7w Diode Laser. The entire setup works flawlessly on all devices. The issue is that I want to send GCode to the MPCNC Octoprint and not connect my PC directly to the MPCNC. Yes, I know I can export it, log on to the Octoprint and import it and run the job. But my Slcers (Prusa) can send AND execute the GCode directly from the slicer. I don’t need to open and manually import the GCode from Octoprint. All it requires is the URL/IP of the Octoprint instance and the user API code to make this work.

If this can be done from LightBurn, I am missing it. And if it can’t yet, this is somewhat of a huge feature request. Need the ability to keep my infrastructure in place while still having a great workflow experience in LB. As I mentioned, Slicer has the ability when sending the GCode to 'Start the Job when finished uploading" which may indicate also that it could be possible to retain direct and instant Macro and/or movement button functionality in LB?


A 3d printer does not inherently make fire as part of its normal operation, so we’re generally very reluctant to add features that serve no purpose other than to allow remote operation, and that’s what this sounds like to me. Am I misunderstanding?