Interesting Bug - Circles, Text to Path, Autoselection?

I have a circle with the size 62x62


I duplicate the circle = I now have two circle.


I create text.


I click text and apply path to circle.


The size box just auto changed


Now when I rotate the clircle by the handle


It’s not a circle anymore…

Rotate just the circle without the text selected and the circle will rotate in place.


Okay, good to know not a bug. Thank you for the solution!!

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The issue is that when you add the text to the circle, the center of that construct is no longer on the center of the circle. You object is lop-sided and will not rotate on the same axis as the original circle.

It’s like running over a lump of heavy clay with your bike tire. The clay sticks to outside edge of the tire and causes it to bump every time it turns around because the center of rotation is no longer at the center of the wheel.

Thanks for straightening me out on this… all this time I thought it was the tire driving over the clay on the road making it bump… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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