Interface issues after updating to 0.9.10 :(((

Hi, after few idle months I’ve got a message that there’s a new update and have proceeded with it.

The issues I found immediately:

  1. The interface language was switched to OS default despite older version has configured as English
  2. machine configuration disappeared
  3. divider between main area and small windows on the right side is at about the middle of the screen and can be moved to the left only (making man area smaller) and cannot be moved to the right as I had it configured on the previous version.

The last issue is very frustrating: I’m on 14" screen and having half of the screen wasting on those elements is just terrible. Screenshot attached. Is there any way I can fix it without waiting for the update?


The reason it cannot be moved is that the labels would no longer fit:

The translation is very long. If you can suggest alternative (shorter) translations for those controls, I can change them, and that will allow the window to be smaller.

If you choose English in this version it should save your preference and then use that. If not, please let me know and I will fix it.

When you say “machine configuration disappeared”, do you mean that it lost your settings, or that you can’t find a feature in LightBurn?

Hi, thank you for the quick response.
Labels: perhaps replace text with icons (and tooltips) would be the best solution and fit all langs.

Machine: exactly machine. It is on my COM4 but there was no such port from dropdown list despite the usb cable was connected and machine turned on. After I restarted the app few times switching the language, it appeared again. I cannot reproduce the issue but it is fixed somehow anyway.

The only issue remained is language reset during update, hope you’ll take a care of it in the future.

Thank you!

You haven’t said - Is the language choice not being remembered for you?

I said, it is #1 in the list :slight_smile:
Correct, the choice was reseted. After I set it again it is remembered.

The likely issue is that it was never set - it used to default to English if there was no previous choice. Now it defaults to whatever your language setting is. If you manually change it, it remembers the change.

Yes, exactly. Thank you for the help.

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