Interference when sending head unit to home

Hello. I’m trying to have the head unit stop when the door is opened and also stop when the e-stop is released with the door open. I want it to return home only when the home button is picked on the screen, The motors seem to want to take it past the home position and there is interference heard. I should mention this is being used in a industrial area. Our Safety team does not want the head unit to move with the doors open or when the E-STOP is released. BOSS Laser LS1630

Sudden stops lead to possible loss of location. I know that in CNC milling machines the program knows exactly where the stop occurred and can restart work from there, even so, as a rule, the operator has to carry out several checks before starting work again.
In the case of laser machines, I don’t know exactly how the information from Lightburn is downloaded to the controller board/laser machine and whether it is possible to know exactly where the stop occurred.

Lightburn controls none of this. It is entirely within the design of the controller. There may be settings or switches there that will give the desired results. I recommend you contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions, especially because this is a safety issue.

CNC machines have resolvers on them. That is how they know the machine location with an E-Stop condition. E-Stop on them shuts down the drives, but everything else remains powered up.

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