Intermitant communication issues

I recently switch computers from my laptop to a desktop. I upgraded to the lightburn 9.22. when setting up on the new computer the software found the laser with no issues thru the USB cable attached. now it wont even recolonize there is a connection with the laser thru USB. I have had to connect thru the Ethernet port and I am having frequent issues where there is a communication failure and the full file is not sent to the laser. I can not even sent the file to the laser to run from there as it does not get the full package.

I am using Microsoft pro with an omtech 60w with ruida controller.

This is known, and we have a fix in test. I suggest dropping back to 0.9.20 until 0.9.23 is out. If you’re game, I’d like to send you that version to try to see if it fixes the problems you’re having - the more feedback we get the sooner we can release it for real.

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yes, please!!

Oz how do I drop back to 9.20??

thank you!!!

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