Intermittent connection issues

When I was running my K40 I would get this issue:

  1. Is your USB cable an active cable or passive (Active meaning it can push the signal further than 6’ (more than likely 16’). I was using the one that came with my laser andit broke so I bought another one that was an 8’ and was having issue.

  2. Is your computer power connected (outlet to the computer)?. I didn’t have mine a few times and it wouldn’t see the laser…someone said that it was because the computer needed to be grounded.

Hopefully that helps.

I have heard of this grounding issue. I’m not certain how the grounding works. I was (formerly) quite certain that the ground path is isolated (or decoupled from the chassis with a capacitor) when DC power is supplied. I’m curious if hanging the external power supply on a laptop or tablet adds additional noise filtering across the DC power rails… It’s a good thing that I spent money on an Oscilloscope.

It’s an active cable and the problem was just the dtr setting not being correct

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