Intermittent connection issues

Hello all.
I have an intermittent problem connecting my Roly lasermatic 10
Light burn opened and job ready to burn
Turn laser on > select correct port com3, console says waiting for connection…>
Turn laser off then on , console says port failed to open already in use? >
Repeat laser power reset 5 to 6 (sometimes more) times until it eventually connects.

Once connected the laser functions perfectly.
Running on pc with windows 11 home

Very frustrating, any help would be very much appreciated

Instead of 5 to 6 power resets…

Turn the laser on, open the Laser window and click the middle button in the bottom row. Select an available COM port.

Open the Console window, if you don’t see a solid connection message within about 4 or 5 seconds, click that bottom middle button again and select the next available COM port.

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Hi John
Thanks for the reply
I understand but my usb serial converter is set to com 3 in my operating system and the driver is from the laser manufacturer. Therefore when the laser is turned on i can only select com 3 which is the port i have assigned to the laser. As i said, after a few hard power cycles on the laser it connects so it would appear this is a software issue.
Fyi,I dont get a solid connection if i wait 5 or 6 minutes let alone seconds lol

Further to my last…I have just found that if i turn my computer on with the laser turned on and then start lightburn the laser connects immediately and if i right click the device button to force a reconnect that works as well. However, if i turn the laser off and then back on it will not connect and forcing a re connect from lightburn no longer works…

After a quick look at the manual for the Roly LaserMATIC10 I see it’s using the CH340 chip for Serial communication.

I recommend getting the driver from the manufacturer’s site but you probably already did that.

I just did a little reading on this and if you’re interested, I feel this might be worth testing.

With LightBurn open and the Job ready to burn,
Turn the laser on, select the correct com port com3,
Open Device Manager
(typing Device Manager in the search bar next to the Windows Icon seemed like the fastest way to get to it)
Right Click on your computer
Select Scan for Hardware Changes.

It’s #5 on this list:

#8 (above) also looks promising but I don’t have identical hardware in front of me.

Windiws10/11 assigns serial com ports to USB on the fly, and sometimes at random. Other USB devices plugged in can interfere with this port assignment algorithm.

I have discovered this is the most reliable method.

Are you actually turning the laser off or just pulling the USB plug? Does Windows go “ding” when you turn it off?.

Hi Mike
Turning off with the power button and windows dings

Manufacturer’s driver was installed from start, device manager shows no hardware changes and root hub has been uninstalled/reinstalled and has latest driver.
My motherboard also has the latest chipset driver.

Interesting! Windows now sees that USB port as unplugged. It has no reason to scan the port for a restored connection. Plugging in a USB connector is the trigger for Windows to scan.

Okay, try this: shut the laser off, Windows goes ding. Turn laser back on. No ding, right? Now unplug the USB and plug it back in. Windows should ding and an active Com 3 (or whatever) should be visible for selection.

I have a 2" thick book on USB 3.0, and I understood about 1% of it. Hopefully, that 1% covers your issue.

No, it dings when i power the laser back on and com3 is selectable in dropdown but laser will not connect

Okay, that means more questions. Please explain how you know it will not connect.

The console window shows waiting for connection when com 3 is selected and thats it, if i select the show all toggle it just shows an endless stream of “Go”

I have no idea what that means. Just for grins, when it is doing this, unplug the USB, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. Then see if it connects, watching the Console window.

Mikey has gone to bed. Leave a message and he will answer in the morning. :hugs:

I get “port failed to open-already in use?”

Did some research on Google and found this. Scroll down to posting 5/28 and start reading there. Best I can tell is that Windows is not releasing the Com port. You mught try unplugging the USB connector before turning off the laser.

There is a lot of material in this posting, so go slow…

Hi Mike
Sorry for the reply delay, different time zones DTR was the issue, all fixed thankyou

Glad you found a solution in all that text. Now enjoy!

@CornishTony - We don’t see a lot of Roly LaserMATIC engravers. Did you Enable or Disable DTR in Device Settings?

I enabled DTR and get a stable connection every time now

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