Intermittent connections

I’m using an Atomstack A5 pro/ 5.5w diode laser and it seems to have an intermittent connection with my Lightburn/ Macbook Air. Both the Atomstack and the usb cord are new but the laptop and laser don’t seem to communicate all the time. I followed the tutorials on the Lightburn site to make sure I set it up correctly but I’m still having issues. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

Can you describe in detail the behavior you’re seeing here? When you say intermittent do you mean to say that some days this works fine and you can complete burns or do you mean to say that you can see a device port listed in LightBurn every few seconds or something similar. The more descriptive here the better.

What have you tried so far in troubleshooting and have you noticed any patterns or interesting behaviors that might be of note?

I assume that the laser turns on without issue and goes through a homing cycle?

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