Interpretation of power and speed

I had to decrease power from 35% to 20% and increase speed from 3250mm/min to 5000mm/min to get equivalent results on canvas. Went home last night burning a series of canvases at 35% 3250mm/min perfectly. Today ended up adjusting to 20% 5000mm/min to get a closeish match. This machine was initially a NEJE Master2s plus but the frame has been extended…same control hardware tho. Has been working fine for a month with this setup. Using an A40630 (not a typo it is a 5.5w FAC)

Pictures dithered in ImagR Skeldon 318dpi WTPB passthru on in Lightburn

Checked tension in y belt and y bearings thinking it wasn’t moving with each command, because the image was extremely washed out…not the solution

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