Intertwine circle

Hi There
Just wondering if there is anyway we can I can recreate the circle and square design in light burn. Specifically looking at giving the intertwined look.

Is tracing not an option?

I can’t get the tracing to work on that part of the logo. It will only trace the text.

send the file up here, I will try if I am luckier

That would be great if you could please. Still pretty new to thid

I also could not trace your image, other than the scripture. When the original is not better it is difficult.
But with the built-in features of LightBurn, I made it manually. The dimension of the circle and the square does not quite fit because I started with your first picture and guessed a bit.

Logo34.lbrn2 (127.8 KB)

You have to define your colors / layers with their respective properties, do not use my settings, they are random.

THANK YOU!! I thought this was going to be the end of my marriage :laughing: did you slice the circle?? I seriously can’t thank you enough.

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You are welcome.
Yes, to achieve the desired effect, I have split the ring and the square up and transformed it into closed individual shapes.
Do you want to be so kind and mark the topic as solved, they could be others who find it faster when they have a similar problem.

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