Interval (Scan Gap) and Output Quality

I have a 60W Red and Black laser with a Ruida controller.

I am having difficulty with quality going down as I lower the interval. In the attached pictures, I went from an interval of .1mm to .064mm. I’m not sure what would cause the straight lines to go wavy as shown. The interval is the only thing that I changed. Speed remained at 250mm/sec, with power at 45%. The clean image has had masking removed.

That’s bizarre - I would check all your mirror and lens mounts, belts, bearings, etc. There’s nothing in the software that will make your lines do that, so it’s most likely a physical issue with the hardware, OR it could be a defective stepper motor driver on the X axis. If you swap the X & Y motor drivers and the problem goes away (or the problem becomes different) that would suggest the stepper driver is bad.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll take a look.

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