Interval Testing issues

Hey guys! Preaching for some help here. My LC1325D Gweike laser just won’t cooperate with me, and I’ved tried everything I know. I was getting a double-image issue with it when burning, so I tried to test the reverse interval to fix it. No matter what I changed about it, the outcome has stayed the same. I have tried replacing, tightening and loosening the belts to see if that altered it, and it does, but not correctly. I have tried different speeds to test, and if I get the correct interval, the product I get using that interval is terrible. I desperately need this laser working asap, so any advice on how to fix this would be amazing!

Can you post a picture? It would help us to help you. :slight_smile:

I currently don’t have any pictures, but we are a company called Fire and Pine, and there are tons of examples on the website Those examples are how the product should be. but instead, I’m getting literal double lines when I try to burn a piece because the interval is so off, I just don’t know how

Have you checked mirror alignment? I had a problem with my laser burning a double line and it was alignment of the 3rd mirror.

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I’ve checked the mirror alignment countless times. I think it may be the tightness or looseness of the y axis belts.

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