Invert Status pin logic?

So I’m trying to hook up a solenoid to the status and wind pins. The status pin is active when a job isn’t running, and then as soon as the job starts it turns off. It’s working completely opposite of what I need, does anybody have any input on what could cause this, or a workaround? I want the status pin to control low pressure, and wind to control high pressure. 6445g controller Thank you.

Here is how this connection block works (these are active low):

I struggled for way too long before I left the shop. I honestly thought I had popped the status pin on my home machine(6442) years ago and never used it. Thanks for that picture, makes total sense now. :joy::joy:

I thought it made sense. I’m back in the shop. Trying to figure this out. Solenoid + goes to +24v. And solenoid negative goes to wind/status correct?

Yes, correct.

Both pins are on all the time. It’s dim and not full brightness. The solenoid should only be pulling 29ma. So it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve connected it to the 24v psu and it didn’t have issues energizing.

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