Inverted X and Y


I have added a Diode laser to my cnc machine. I use a GRBL controller. When I’m using my cnc controller software the x and y move in the correct direction.

I thought I could use lightburn to control my Machine (as its grbl) for images and text but when it connects my x and y are inverted. is there a setting in lightburn I can set to correct this?

Yep, head to Device Settings, look for Origin, and pick the opposite corner I’d think.

erm top right is my machines homing location. If i change it to the bottom right that will fix my inverted issue?

Well, I’m not in a position to guarantee anything, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

If your machine is a CNC, chances are it uses a rear-right origin, but then would require negative coordinates to use the work area. You can move the origin to the front-left with a workspace offset, and then use positive coordinates (which LightBurn requires). We have instructions for this here:

thank you for this.

Apologies i am abit unclear on something.

When my machine is connected to my GRBL CNC controller software x and y move in the correct direction.

When i connect to my GBRL cnc controller using Lightburn x and y move in the opposite direction.

I understand the origin issue but unsure how it will correct the motion moving in the correct direction.

Any advice on this?

LightBurn assumes that all moves will be in the positive direction away from the origin. If you set the origin to be in the rear-right, LightBurn is issuing moves using positive numbers to move away from that point, like this:

But your machine interprets them like this:

That’s why you use the front-left origin and a workspace offset. It moves the origin, but leaves the orientation correct, like this:

It drives me insane that CNC machines work this way, as there’s no logical reason for it - it’s a weird hold over designed to force you to set a workpiece origin so if you try to run a job without doing so the machine hits the limits instantly and locks itself, rather than just starting with a usable work area.

Excellent thank you i think its all working now.

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