Inverted y axis on my xtool d1

Saw a thread that said to change $3=0 to $3=2 but the change is not happening. the feedback says ok, but when i look at the list again $3 still =0. Why won’t it change?

xTool D1 does not allow for changing or saving of any configurations.

If you are trying to address a display vs output mirroring issue then this is likely caused by an incorrect Origin setting in Device Settings. This needs to be set to the top-left for your laser.

Any existing designs will flip so will need to be modified after the change.

However, if you had used the standard .lbdev file provided by xTool this should have been preconfigured. If you have not used that file I suggest you do so as it includes other relevant tunings for your laser.

Can be found on this page:
User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool


Have a look at the stepper motor cables and confirm that the color-code and the way the wires are connected are the same.

For those of us with restrictions on firmware based axis direction changes - this may be worth review: How to reverse rotation direction of stepper motor - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

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