IP Camera was showing up as a web cam and now is not

I set up my CNC to run off CNCjs using a raspberry pi with a camera attached. I am using “Configure IP Camera Adapter” app to make the IP camera a web cam. I had LightBurn recognizing the camera a few days ago, however after the latest update, the camera isn’t showing up in my list anymore, but I can still access the camera from chat clients like Microsoft Teams. Any ideas why it’s not showing up now?

Just a note…here are some of the things I have done trying to remediate the issue.

Uninstalled the camera software and reinstalled it,

Uninstalled LightBurn and reinstalled it.

Not sure why all other programs see the camera, but LightBurn doesn’t.

OS and version?

I’m on…
Windows 10 Version 2004
IP Camera Adapter Version
Light Burn Version 0.9.18
Raspberry Pi Zero W: Raspbian Version 10 (Buster)
Streaming on port 8080 using MJPG Streamer
1024x768 at 15 fps is my current settings

Ok, now like a dummy I ran Windows Update and am now on 20H2. Then after doing more research on the forums, I found a similar issue where it was suggested to download the Windows Media Pack. Well I found the Media Pack for 2004, but I can’t find one for 20H2 and when I go to Add a Feature, Media Pack is not an option.

Does anyone have some suggestions?

In the settings, at the bottom, change the Capture System from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’. The custom system only shows actual USB devices. The ‘default’ system will find video stream sources like the IP to USB converter plugin you’re using.

Thank you Oz, that was it!

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