IP / Network Cameras

I tried this one with moderate success.

That being said you need to jump through hoops.

The IP camera works great as a native IP camera however to get it to work you need a local IP adapter driver running on your PC to allow windows based applications to access that as a video source. For instance when selecting camera source from the LB camera selection drop down.

I am running windows 10 on a fairly newer laptop which gave me some grief and I while I did try thus adapter https://ip-webcam.appspot.com/. I was never really able to get it connect to the camera.

I ended up having to source other ways to connect to the camera, but it requires special consideration, not all camera software will work. You need to find a camera software that will not only connect to your IP camera, it must also create that local adapter for selection in LB.

After trying many I settled on Altercam https://altercam.com/. With this in place I was able to select my camera from the LB camera selector and complete the setup. I believe some of these software adapters may do some video stream process changes as the final quality when I got to the camera alignment wizard was disappointing and hard to really find that middle intersection of the calibration circles.

In the end I was able to complete the setup however this is not my preferred approach. I wish there was a native IP camera support option in LB.

Next I will try the rPI approach as I really like the idea of a high resolution camera for better alignment. I am really interested in the network camera approach as I do must of my pre-processing away from the laser and send the file to the laser afterwards. I DO NOT initiate cutting this way. I always walk up to the laser select the file I just sent to it and after completing my visual safety checks start cutting. This is a great workflow and one which should be considered for LB to support native IP cameras.

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Please Post Your IP/Network Camera Research

Any other IP cameras worth trying, really don’t want to put another computer near my cutter…

I’m still waiting to LB will support IP cameras natively and probably I will go to buy it immediately after that will be implemented. I was trying to use first from mentioned IP Camera Adapter 3.1 but this support very uncommon (for new and un-expensive IP cameras) mjpeg jpg and http:// ftp://
In my opinion best way LB owner can select is to use rtsp protocol, as is widely implemented in cameras and is very easy for users to reach “address with full syntax” - just install free Onvif Device Manager, select recognized camera, press “Live video” and copy line shown at the bottom of the screen - usually it is in format as: rtsp:// (and as fair I know you don’t have to declare user/password !)
On Aliexpress 1920x1080 camera without enclosure is around 20$ and you can select higher focal lens (replacable) to have less distortions - so better accuracy.

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If these cameras produce an MPEG4 or H264 stream, that would require significant extra effort to decode it. MJPEG and JPEG are much more universally supported by OS’s. Onvif is written in C#, which is great for Windows users, presumably less so for OSX or Linux users.

LightBurn will eventually support IP cameras, but it could take a while. It’s not a high priority for me, as there are perfectly usable 3rd party options, and there are many “laser specific” features as well as highly requested editing features to be done.

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Is it possible to import own image .jpg as “camera image” for calibration process?
It’s not complicated to me take picture from for example VLC player which is running rtsp stream (ctrl+N).
This should be not too complicated to add “upload file” along with “acquire” button and later import same way as background.

It’s feasible to do this. The hard part would be the UI - everything else starts from an image and works from there.

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Adding second, small button, say just [O] which open load window?
I know some people can feel confused by UI, so maybe in non-intuitive point: very top-right?

what 3rd party options have you tested? Want to do this but my laser is no where near my PC.

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