iPad Pro App? Any chances?

Hey everyone!

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times.

Is there any thoughts about making an LightBurn app for the iPad PRO’s? These new iPad PRO’s are pretty impressive with the hardware they have. I can connect to my laser from my network but the new ipads also have a USB c port on them.

Just wondering if this has been considered?

Thank you and stay safe!
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Quite unlikely.

In order to develop for a platform I have to own it, and there would have to be enough demand for that version for it to make sense to purchase a system and do the work to port to it, figure out how to make the interface work there, get all the libraries we use ported over to it, and so on.

I highly doubt we’d have enough users on that platform to justify the expense.

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iPad Pro version is $4,000/yr? Worth it.

Really? Mine was $1200 out the door through Sprint.

Thanks Oz, completely understandable.


I’m talking about Lightburn for the iPad lol.

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hahaha I get what you mean now

It sure would be nice to be able to use my iPad Pro to at least communicate with the laser.

Design on a Desktop but control the finished LightBurn file being sent from an iPad. Maybe a LightBurn LITE for iOS that can work from iPhones and iPads.

The laser we will be getting in the next week will be able to be adjustment controlled from a mobile app. I know that is controller driven however if they can achieve it maybe it can be achieved in a Lightburn LITE as well.



Just a thought

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This is not an issue of if it can be done, nor is there is value in the result. The issue, as Oz points out is:

To date, there has been a total of 11 official votes/requests made for iPad/iOS versions/support on our voting site. Currently, we have higher development priorities.

Feel free to add your support here:


With a Ruida DSP on Ethernet:


And control the job from the control panel.

@Stroonzo, not like that LOL, I want to see the file image and progress on the iPad not the Ruida Controller but good to know.

Thank you for your help I appreciate your input very much.



I wouldn’t likely ever do that - not progress, at least. On a GCode controller, you see progress on the computer because the job is being streamed on the fly as it is run. With a DSP controller, the job is sent to the controller in one go, and the controller runs the job. Sometimes the controller starts running the job before the send it complete, but any ‘progress’ you see at the PC is the progress of the send, not the run.

I don’t show in-progress status from the PC for anything - we don’t show live position of the job, for example, regardless of controller, because it would encourage you to watch the display, instead of attending to the job at the laser. Lasers make fire as part of their normal operation, so any feature whose only use is remote monitoring we simply won’t do - it’s too risky.



Progress can be seen on the camera which is live.


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