Is camera height to close?

Good morning I have my Ortur master 2s pro in an enclosure. From the top of the honeycomb bed to the camera is 11" is this to close to use a camera? I am using the lightburn camera 8mp also. I’m not sure of the degree of the camera but here is a picture of what I’m seeing. Could this be why its not finding the pattern?

This may be more about the lighting and the pattern card does not look flat. Did you affix it to some hard, flat surface? :slight_smile:

Mount it to stiff card, foam-board, or wood, so the image remains very, very flat. If the image is curved, it will affect the calibration process and reduce the accuracy. - Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

Your pattern looks rather ‘large’. It should be about 1/9 of the size of the work area. I had to print the lightburn calibration file via gimp to get it the proper size for my 3050…

Watch the setup video…


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