Is it OK to provide fake telephone number and address while buying Lightburn?

I wanted to buy Lightburn license, but phone number is mandatory “In case we need to contact you about your order”.

For that purpose email is fully sufficient, and I am already giving it. I do not want calls - partially because they may arrive at wrong moment, partially because I strictly prefer written communication (for reasons similar to Why doesn't LightBurn have a phone number? ). Also, private info stored by Lightburn will inevitably leak sooner or later (or it is happening already) and I prefer to limit damage caused by this.

In general I see no reason to put my actual phone number there.

It is impossible to buy LB without putting some info there.

Is it OK to put fake info there?

PS The same goes for address, though here maybe LB is legally obligated to collect that info. Why LB wants my physical address? I assume that license will be delivered via email.

Address shouldn’t be necessary unless you’re buying a physical product, although banks require it sometimes for credit card payment - the more information gathered about the cardholder, the more they trust that the the payment is not fraudulent.

The phone number is collected because many people get their email address wrong, and if that happens, we have no way to contact you to get you the key. If you’re sure your email is correct, you can enter an incorrect phone number. We do not use any collected customer information for marketing.


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