Is it possible to add more Tool-Layers?

Hi there!
Is it possible to add more than the default 2 tool layers? I work with many different shapes of material, and i don’t want to open a new file with it’s integrated shapes for every project. It would be much faster for me, to create some new tool layers (like 3-4 layers plus the original 2).

is this possible? or a option for the coming releases?

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No, not currently.

I’m not aware and cannot address this.

It’s not clear to me what the problem statement is here. Can you elaborate? Perhaps there’s an alternative approach.

Are you aware that you can turn off the output for all layers individually? Eg. you can use the multilayer function and add all the layers you want and turn off the output.

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yes i am aware of that. but turning off “real” layers can be dangerous sometimes.

let’s say i have different materials to engrave. usually i don’t engrave ‘one’ piece. lets say i engrave five pieces of the same shape. a shape that i don’t cut - in this case i could use the negative as template. in this case i use the tool layer as a frame to place the engraving.

so now i have a job for 5 pieces of one shape. everything is fine. i open my lightburn file with the shape-templates as a tool layer.
my next job is another shape - again five pieces. this shape is fitted in the file as ‘tool layer 2’.

and for my next job i have the third shape. now i can use… oh. wait. no more tool layers. now i use production layers in several colors. hmmm… the orange on is ‘no output’… ok. also the green one. the magenta layer is… mh… ok, i have to look.

you know what i mean?

please find the image below.
the best thing with the tool layers is, you can’t make a mistake even on the most stressful days.

2 suggestions:

  1. What’s preventing you from reusing the existing 2 tool layers?
  2. Can you prepare the next job outside of the workspace and then move into place later? This way you could even set the shapes to the correct target layer. You would need to enable “Ignore out-of-bounds shapes if possible” in Edit->Settings for this to work.

Yeah, that’s the way i do it (point 2). It’s OK, but it would be really faster and easier to have more tool layers. I think it must be easy to code - that layers a only dummys, no function for the laser.

i also reuse the layers all the time. but sometimes more i am concerned with adjusting the levels, than doing my job.

How about another option of opening a new window to prepare the next job. It seems the issue is only being presented since you’re trying to prepare the next job while the current one is running.

Right click on the LB icon at the bottom of the screen. Select the Lightburn icon (3rd from bottom in this picture)

That will open a new “instance” of lightburn where you can work while the laser is busy on the other window.


It’s much easier than that. Just hit File/New Window in LightBurn:

Very new to Lightburn, so forgive me if this is common knowledge…

Extrapolating from several other pieces of software I use frequently.

Seems like the “C” layers function fine for you, but quick identification is problematic.

Can you rename the layers?
Can you nest layers, so T01 has several sub+layers?

Tool layers do not have the option of underlayers,
all other layers can have sublayers with individual names.
Nesting layers? - I guess sublayers are a kind of nesting.
Example, in layer 1 there are 4 underlayers which form the 4 wicks of the house. Layer 1 is named house walls, the four wicks are named east, west, south, north. Layer2 is called window and has x underlayer…

The “new” layer system in LB requires a little rethinking of one’s construction method, in my opinion this function now looks a little more like cad and gis programs, and is very useful.

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