Is it possible to apply a path to text using multiple fonts?

I want to create a logo for my shop, Hamajang Shop. With hamajang meaning sloppy/messy/chaotic, as you can imagine, I want to use a mixture of fonts and font sizes running on a path to make it even sloppier while remaining readable. I’ve had no problem applying text to a path if’n it’s a single font and size, but I haven’t figured out a way to do it with something messier, I thought creating each letter separately, then grouping the collection would work, but no dice.

You can do this in LightBurn, but not in short order, the way you may be thinking. Presently, you would need to duplicate the path for each different letter. We continue to add additional text editing and font manipulation tools over time, yet at this time, I might suggest using an external tool for designing this, then convert to paths and import that into LightBurn. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking it was going to be best done with an external tool, as I figured I was asking too much of the software, which is fine, I don’t think it needs to be feature match a graphics program, so long as it’s compatible, it just needs to fit the majority of users needs.

Any how, thanks.

Not asking for too much, just asking a bit early (I know, a bit cheeky). We do not intend to be 100% parity with graphics or CAD application, but there are some common editing tools we do feel would fit nicely into our offering and plan to add these over time. The exact timing for these enhancements is a whole other issue. :wink: We will get there, but for now… An external tool is the best option for quickly doing what you are after.

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