Is it possible to create subscript and superscript text

I’m trying to do a birthday design and wanted to put ‘86th’ with the ‘th’ moved to the top of the ‘6’. Is this possible? I did try to copy and paste from Word but that didn’t work.

I’m not sure you can choose subscript or superscript in Lightburn I’m sure someone will direct us to it if it’s there but one way to do what your looking for is to create the text “86th”, then convert to path then ungroup and resize and move the “th” to the location you want.

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As much as I know, that’s (at the moment) not possible within lightburn.
I would create it in a separate program, convert it to curves/path and import it. Make it a group and it can be scaled as needed.
One could use the same font and try to integrate or on purpose make it just bigger, standing out. Many options…

LightBurn does not currently support subscript or superscript as you are wanting. Both suggestions above will work to achieve the look you desire. Currently, you will need to create this look manually.

Thank you for your comments - very good to understand the workarounds at this time, Hopefully Lightburn will integrate this feature in a future update.

We do offer a way to suggest feature additions and allow others to vote your idea up. We use this to help set our development priorities based on interest. You could sign up and add to this voting system using the information provided below:

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