Is it possible to engrave regular paper?

Hello engravers. Is it possible to engrave words or images on regular paper. For example the printer paper (80 grms)?


It is possible, if your laser can be adjusted to a sufficiently low power level at sufficiently high speed. My laser stops performing at about 11 percent, but I can raise the speed far enough that 12 percent marks the paper. Unfortunately, the marking is barely visible. One method to increase the marking is to use a dilute solution of lemon juice and let the paper dry before using the laser. The lemon juice should be from a bottle rather than fresh squeezed, to have a uniform concentration. The percentage of dilution has to be determine from experimentation, but at least the consumables cost is low.

Here is some good research reading on using paper with a laser




I was able to engrave onto a blank comic book cover (Spawn #300 specifically). Its much thicker than normal paper but it can be done.

Your profile says “Laser Master 2”, which would mean you’re using a visible light diode laser.

For those, paper is possible, but the whiter it is, the more of the laser energy is reflected, so it’s hard to get it to start burning. As soon as it does, it darkens, which makes it absorb more light, and the process ‘cascades’ really fast, so it’s hard to get shading on white paper unless you use dithering. Off white paper is easier.

Thanks a lot!

Thats a great info. Thanks a lot!

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