[HELP] - creasing for a box

Hi everyone,
I would need to create a creasing on paper or vegetable cardboard in order to create a box.
The creasing would be necessary to allow a better side fold.
Is it possible through laser settings (variation of laser power, etc.) so that with a raster you can make creasing as shown in the figure?

Schermata del 2020-09-22 19-32-20

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

If you have a motorized Z, you can out focus Z roughly 10 to 20mm on a vector line increasing its width substantially. With the correct speed and power (cardboard or paper is going to be really fast speed and low power) you can remove a small amount of material without cutting though. All this requires is experimentation, your time, your machine, and your materials.

Here is an example of out-focused Z at various distances:

Also, I just so this posted:

I would recommend using a line in ‘Perforation mode’. It makes dotted lines, and it’s intended for this.


You set how long you want it to cut, and how long to skip, and it generates a dashed line when sent to the laser. You can see it in preview too:


I prefer the method I suggested for box making. And…. here is a demo :slight_smile: (I know… another demo)

Lightburn Project File:

BoxTestFinal.lbrn (49.7 KB)