Do you ever deliberately run out of focus for wider line?

`Plain and simple. I am thinking I can get a wider line (using line, not fill) by being unfocused and cut my time per object down, versus using fill. (I am doing cursive text from a photo)

Sure you can. What’s the question?


Sure, you can run a little out of focus if you want a bigger spot. Or you can use a longer lens, like 4" which gives a somewhat larger spot when focused.

I tried the out of focus, it got me part way to where I want, will try the 4" lens later, got to go get a tooth pulled.

Hopefully the tooth fairy will leave you enough to buy a 4" lens :slight_smile:

Showing it here:

Out-focusing Z strategically to thicken line here:

Demonstrating it here as well:

And here:

One more :slight_smile: (although there are more)

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I’ve been using a 4inch fl lens 12mm for a couple of years, works great.

Yes lens changes are better. Thanks for all the suggestions

What’s the 12mm? Is that what you are cutting or the amount of defocus?

Are you using one of these 4" configurations?

Thanks… :slight_smile:

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I am using a 12mm diameter 4 inch focal length lens. I modified the optical path so that the beam from mirror #2 enters the lens first, then roughly an inch later hits the Moly mirror to aim down and finish focusing on the target. The focal point is still fairly small, but the depth of field is large, around 1/4 inch where it is hard to tell where the perfect focus is. With this arrangement, I have cut as thick as 10mm BB Plywood in one pass at around 13-14 Ma and 5 mm/sec travel speed (as I recall, it was a while ago).

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