So now that I got Z working, it was time to experiment with intentional unfocused work: Speed Shading!

Lowering the laser .75 inches out from focus, I apply only 100 lines per inch resolution. This being only a test, I ran the scanning at 25 inches / sec (635 mm / sec) at 95% power (roughly about 125 watts). The square is 3 inches by 3 inches. This was really interesting. With some further testing I can really perfect this and create cool effects as well as substantially speed up shading with very predictable accuracy.

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I made another example. After a little bit of trial and error, I am already finding how to use this to significantly decrease the time required to engrave. As long as fine detail is not required, this is a good trick. Example:

This other video helps explain / illustrate how each additional 1/4” movement of Z out of focus creates an “air brush” effect from the laser. It’s pretty amazing.

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