Is it possible to make a WAINLUX JL3 compatible with Lightburn?

Hello everyone: I have been entrusted with a Wainlux JL3 20W (which can only be used through a very poor and meager proprietary software that limits all its potential) in the hope that I will be able to make it compatible with LaserGrBL and especially with Lightburn. In practice I should replace the Logic Board but I don’t really know which one I should look for; in the photo there is the Wainlux board. - Any ideas for a new controller (cheaper as possible and not complicated to install) to breathe new life into this Wainlux?

I allow myself to insist only once then I drop: there is really no suggestion, it is not possible to do what I would like or is it an off-topic question for this forum?

You can certainly replace the controller with one that runs GRBL and is supported by LightBurn. There are very many options to choose from. Fundamentally all you need to do is drive some motors, read some limit switches, and tell the laser to fire.

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thanx for the answer …
well, it would seem easy; knowing more. — Is there a way to know if any bet slip is also compatible with Lightburn? for example, would this be okay? Do you have any brands to suggest to go for a safe shot? Makerbase controlli elettronici per motori MKS DLC Controller Board GRBL incisione Laser DIY CNC USB 3 assi Driver motore passo passo|Componenti e accessori per stampante 3D| - AliExpress

There is a reason that board is $10. :slight_smile:

It is 8-bit, and will be very slow. You will get better performance from a faster board, like a Smoothieboard, or something with a 32 bit control chip.

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very well … another clue, now I just have to look for similar 32-bit cards (always if it is written) … if I find it maybe post a link and if possible write me if it goes well

But … if I put an 8-bit mainboard, would only the response speed be affected or would there be compatibility problems?

EDIT: they recommended this to me and given the low cost I took it, precisely because if I am unable to modify it, at least I lose a little Makerbase MKS DLC V2.0 Con A4988 GRBL OFFLINE Laser Per Incidere di CNC machinecontrol bordo UNO R3 di espansione piastra|Componenti e accessori per stampante 3D| - AliExpress

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