Is lightburn compatible with ASUS Chromebooks

is lightburn compatible with ASUS Chromebooks

It depends… does it have an ARM or x86 processor? Asus makes both. If it’s ARM, it will not work as we only support x86 CPUs.
Beyond that, it’s a solid maybe. Chrome OS is technically Linux but it’s missing a bunch of normal Linux stuff and what is missing is different depending on the model and version of Chrome OS.

Officially, we do not support Chrome OS - Only Ubuntu and Fedora in the Linux realm.
You are certainly welcome to download the trial and give it a shot. We just can’t make any guarantees when it comes to Chromebooks. There are too many variables.

Will any laptop with windows, windows 10, 10 S, run lightburn and is 32gb ssd ok or do i need 64. Thank you for your help. I want your software and have made one incorrect computor purchase already

LightBurn itself doesn’t require a very powerful computer. 32gb for storage is a bit small, but that really depends on what else you plan to use - if you only install Windows and LightBurn, it might be fine, but if you install other software for designing, or download a lot of graphics files, you’d probably want the larger drive.